ALU DESIGN CONSTRUCTION CIVILE is a company specialized in full design services in the field of construction, acting successfully in architectural design, structure, facade, MEP designs and topographic measurements domain. The company has 20 years of activity, occupying one of the first places in the facades’ design. Alu Design Construction Civile was the first engineering office meant to design facades – innovative area at that time.

Approaching even from the beginning an action for the sustainable development, AluDesign Construction Civile is remarks itself for the sustainable solutions provided at the level of architecture, facades and resistance, one of the company’s project being certified LEED Gold and Breeam Very Good buildings.

Thanks to the quality of the design’s services and the required standards concerning the detailed approach of every project’s particularities, the company has known a constant evolution.

Nowadays, we have a team formed of over 40 design engineers, 6 architects and specialized project managers. The experience in design domain and the collaboration with existent providers has led to creating a data base – instrument necessary for an efficient logistic. This evolution allows us to successfully approach the part of entrepreneurship also: supplying materials and montage. The quality of Alu Design Construction Civile’s services in the projects in Romania, but also in France and Cyprus has generated an obvious evolution of the firm, despite the last years’ unfavorable economic context.

In the last few years, our company focused on execution projects, becoming entrepreneurs in designing buildings’ facades, especially for foreign markets. Simultaneously, the Architecture Department has expanded and has recently finished 2 buildings of 4200 square meters. The active and continuous presence on the French market led to founding a branch near Paris, at Plessis-Trévise, and of another one in Nicossia, Cyprus. So, besides the headquarters from Bucharest, another two branches (in Paris and Niccosia) guarantee the performance of our foreign projects. A team of over 15 workers ensure the assembling services for the projects in France, projects that exploit all specialties of our firm: design, complete façade solutions and construction solutions’ implementation.

We have succeeded to build a rich portfolio, which includes more than 300 projects from the entire world. ALU DESIGN CONSTRUCTION CIVILE uses the most recent montage techniques and specialty equipment supply to ensure that all works are compliant with the international standards. Our company guaranties a high level of services that we deliver for all our projects in a manner that fulfills our clients’ demands. We consider that AluDesign Construction Civile has the necessary expertise to make projects at European standards, just like our buildings from France, England, Cyprus, Libya, USA prove it, and also the advantage of knowing our market’s mechanisms, after a 15 years experience of projects in Romania.

Our team’s experience, the availability to analyze every project’s particularities and the multidisciplinary expertise of the our four departments reunited under the name Alu DCC (architecture, structure, facades, topography) and the continuous collaboration with our partners prove the quality that we offer, both at European and international level.